At AIP US, our IT strategy and planning services provide clients with a detailed understanding of the current organization, process, technologies and facilities necessary to delivery and support IT services, a formal “Target State” that defines the future IT environment, an actionable roadmap of implementation plateaus that provide near-term value and a business case to outline the expected costs and benefits of the future environment.

In a well run business, IT leadership must balance innovation, risk, on-going operations and business/financial goals of the IT function. Overall IT value is improved by undertaking initiatives that migrate the IT function towards the Efficient Frontier. Our solution assists in setting the strategy for how to run IT as a business and implementing methods to improve IT efficiency and effectiveness.

AIP US can help your organization look into each of the topics and provide you with:

  • IT and Infrastructure Strategic Planning
  • Business Case Development and TCO/ROI Analysis
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Cost Take-out  / Cost Management
  • Asset Discovery / Assessment
  • Governance & Transformation