Companies today are facing a more competitive environment where speed and flexibility is important and the ability to do more with less is critical. The data center needs to be able to cost-effectively incorporate technologies like virtualization and cloud computing, and quickly delivery new services to support the business. Unfortunately, a large percentage of IT resources are being spent just to operate and maintain inflexible legacy systems, leaving many valuable projects unfunded.

The unified approach is well-aligned to the objectives of consolidation and virtualization, using innovative technologies to reduce costs, as well as to increase efficiency and scalability, as virtualization increases.

By partnering with Cisco, VMware, Microsoft, and others, we bring the best-in-breed Unified Fabric, Virtualization Hypervisor, and Cloud Application technologies all integrated to your organization.  This will improve performance, enable massive scalability without increased complexity, and dramatically reduce physical infrastructure components, along with the associated costs of configuration, power, cooling, security, and management.