Video collaboration can deliver immediate benefits to your organization. Not only will video save you money and improve productivity, but video can also help you create a competitive advantage by:

    • Helping you make decisions faster: The time we spend traveling, waiting for materials to arrive, or trying unsuccessfully to explain complex problems over email is time that you could better use to bring new products to market or resolve customer service concerns. Video enables all parties to share ideas, show detailed images, and take action more quickly.
    • Providing immediate access to experts: Sometimes there is just no substitute for an expert. Video enables you to take advantage of the expertise of a few people across your entire organization without asking them to travel to different locations. Training, translating, consulting, and troubleshooting can happen in real time. And with video streaming and archiving solutions, you can record and store an expert’s knowledge for accessibility by anyone at any time.
    • Bringing the organization together: Multiple offices does not have to mean iso­lated teams. After a global expansion, merger, or outsourcing initiative, depart­ments often find themselves stuck in silos, disconnected from project goals and a communal company culture. Video creates a virtual meeting room for collaboration, helping to keep everyone up-to-date with the same information.
    • Improving work-life balance: Traveling all day for a two-hour out-of-town meeting means sacrificing family and personal time, not to mention the added stress of delayed flights and lost luggage. By using video to attend that meet­ing – or even working from home instead of sitting in rush hour traffic – employees can maintain a balance between work and personal life, save costs, and protect the environment.

Cisco Pervasive Video is the name of the market transition in which video enables everyone, everywhere to be more productive through visual collaboration with co-workers, partners, suppliers, and customers, promoting competitive advantage. Cisco provides an integrated collaboration and video portfolio:

    • A full range of TelePresence endpoints, from desktop to immersive rooms
    • Video content management solutions for capturing, transforming, and sharing video-based knowledge and information, including recording and streaming, video sharing portals, digital signage, and video transcoding and transformation
    • Web conferencing applications such as Cisco WebEx® Meeting Center and Training Center
    • Mobile devices and applications such as the Cisco Cius™ business tablet and WebEx application for the iPhone and Blackberry
    • Video software clients such as Cisco Movi and the Cisco Jabber™ messaging integration platform
    • Network management and optimization with medianet, video switching, and call control