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Data Center and Virtualization

Today’s data center managers are faced with the arduous task of reducing expenses while increasing responsiveness.  Finding ways to better address rising data center capital and operations costs has companies pursuing strategies such as infrastructure consolidation, virtualization, and cloud computing.  AIP US’s Data Center and Virtualization solutions are on top of the industry trends and provide our customers many options in achieving their virtualization or cloud objectives.  Our solutions include the following major components:

  • Server virtualization
  • Server consolidation/blade architecture
  • Hyperconvergence
  • Storage/SAN consolidation
  • Backup and SAN replication
  • Desktop virtualization – on premises
  • Desktop virtualization – hosted/cloud (Desktop-as-a-Service)
  • Private and public cloud
  • Data center networking
  • Multi-locations VXLAN replication
  • Data center consolidation strategy and implementation
  • Server management

AIP US’s Data Center and Virtualization solutions offer the flexibility to our customers who may have existing infrastructure that is not easy to migrate.  We provide customized solution that will suit your existing environment.

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