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Managed Security Services

Cyber Security has become one of the top of challenges facing any businesses today.  Information security spans across network, servers, desktops, endpoints and other IT components.  Managed Cyber Security Services from AIP US can help customers deploy effective security solutions, provide vulnerability management, monitoring and analysis.   With a major shortage of skilled resources in today’s cybersecurity arena, AIP US provides an alternate to deliver managed cybersecurity services with agility and cost-effectively.  Managed Cyber Security Services typically include the following:

  • IT security policy development
  • Vulnerability assessment and remediation
  • Network firewall implementation
  • Intrusion prevention services
  • Malware detection and filtering
  • Email and website filtering
  • Desktop and endpoint protection
  • Logging and log management
  • Cybersecurity monitoring
  • Compliance readiness services
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Upgrade devices to the latest recommended hardware/software release
  • Review and update security policy on an on-going basis
  • Up-to-date with new and upcoming threats

Whether to enhance your existing IT security stance, or to provide comprehensive managed cybersecurity services, AIP US can put an effective IT security protection into your organization.

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